HTAi Educational Offers Database

The database contains educational and training programs that are being offered globally in the field of Health Technology assessment (HTA). It is a free online resource, targeting a) individuals who wish to search for specific HTA courses or programs across the globe and b) academic institutions and education/training providers who would like to showcase their HTA course or program. At the moment, the Database is limited to Master programs (M.Sc.) in HTA but will be soon expanded to include other educational offers.

To access the Database, the users need to register through their own e-mail address. Registered users will be able to search the Database and add new courses by filling in a specific online form. HTAi members will have full access to the Database while non-members will be able to view a limited selection.

Information and data including external links and personal contact details are under the sole responsibility of the institution/provider of the respective programs. HTAi doesn't verify or update the information provided and displayed.

For support: Email us at [email protected]